New leadership makes digital strides

A string of digital revamps and investments are in motion in response to the pandemic, proving Propertymark CEO, Nathan Emerson’s commitment to give more back to members.

Launched last week, Propertymark’s new state-of-the-art website and CRM system will revolutionise how members interact with the organisation. It is an easier and more advanced tool and this considerable investment will enable members to interact, engage and train.

The site brings information from all previous divisional sites together in a powerful, effective digital space. The navigation is said to be as intuitive as possible. Users will be able to filter resources and articles to find content relevant to their division and topics of interest.

We know how important it is to not just listen to our membership, but to actually deliver. These changes within Propertymark are a clear case of action and not empty words. We want our members to know that they are part of an industry leading body, and these changes prove we will adapt and evolve to remain ahead in unpredictable or changing environments.  

We are unrelentingly committed to our members, upholding reputation, providing stability, and giving them results. Members will continue to be at the forefront of everything we do.

Nathan Emerson CEO | Propertymark

Digital communications

Ramping up its commitment to digital communication, Propertymark is also expanding the Marketing and Communications team by introducing two new digital marketing professionals who will be skilled at handling, liaising, and communicating in social media environments. They will respond to queries, comments, and relevant conversations within the industry.

We have also introduced a full video suite at Arbon House to deliver high-quality video content that will support members to feel connected throughout restrictions. The suite will also be used to develop the future live streaming of Regional Meetings and events for people who are unable to physically attend.

Remote invigilation

In another response to the pandemic, Propertymark Qualifications has announced it will be investing in an advanced and market-leading remote invigilation system. Having seen a huge appetite from professionals to get qualified, learners will be able to take their exams from the office or home without having to travel to a test centre. 

Propertymark Qualifications

Specialist, regulated property qualifications which you can complete flexibly through distance learning or with additional support with a Propertymark Qualifications recognised centre.