Not a fairer deal for everyone in the housing sector

Scotland's First Minister, Humza Yousaf, MSP, renewed the commitment to introducing long-term rent controls and new tenant rights under the Scottish Housing Bill, set to be enacted in 2024, plus, under the current cost-of-living measure, emergency rent caps and a moratorium on evictions will remain in place until 31 March 2024.

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Growing the economy and tackling poverty

A legislative program with priorities for the year ahead to reduce poverty, deliver growth, tackle climate change as well and provide high-quality public services was set out today, 5 September 2023, which includes a package of measures to help build a more equal society through concerted efforts to eradicate poverty, tackle the cost of living crisis, and create opportunities for businesses and individuals.

The Programme supports the Scottish Government’s wider work in building a fair, green and growing economy and strengthening public services.

Permanent rent controls are a huge concern

However, Scottish landlords and letting agents will be frustrated that Propertymark's evidence, which demonstrates the devastating impact the legislation is having on the rental market in Scotland, has not been taken seriously, and we are disappointed to see confirmation that long-term rent controls will be pushed forward.

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09 Jul 2023
Propertymark reiterate concerns over extension to Cost of Living legislation

Propertymark will continue to advocate for members and the sector, demonstrating how the private rented sector is a valuable asset to the housing market and we want the Scottish Government to recognise the importance it plays in housing those who need it, but this cannot continue at such a high cost

Affordable home building to get an injection of funds 

Yousef pledged a £750 million fund to support the Scottish Government in meeting its target of securing 110,000 affordable homes by 2032. 10% of these new affordable homes will be in rural and island communities, with £25m funding set aside to provide homes for key workers. £60m has also been ringfenced to acquire empty homes to turn into affordable housing.

In addition, local councils will be able to apply premiums on council tax rates for second homes.

Building safety to be modelled on English scheme 

A Cladding Remediation Bill will be introduced that will seek to establish a levy in Scotland mirroring the UK Government's Building Safety Levy in England and give the Scottish Government the ability to undertake urgent measures to remediate a building with unsafe cladding materials that present a risk to life.