Scottish building regulations proposed changes to energy standards consultation

The Scottish Government sought views on their proposals to include the introduction of an energy target for new buildings, in addition to the current emissions target, as well as an uplift to the 2015 standard of energy efficiency for new buildings – both domestic and non-domestic.

Propertymark supports the implementation of an energy target for new buildings which would enable occupiers to benefit from energy savings, but urged the Scottish Government to introduce any improvement to emissions standards in a phased manner to enable developers to adjust to new regulations and mitigate any increased costs passed on to purchasers of the new property. 

The proposals also include new regulations relating to the installation of electric vehicle (EV) charging points and associated infrastructure such that all new residential buildings with a parking space will be required to have at least one EV charge point socket or ducting infrastructure, dependent on a cost cap. 

Propertymark urges the Scottish Government to ensure that sufficient information on EV charging infrastructure is made available within the Home Report, particularly where a cost exemption applies, to ensure that prospective owners are aware of potential costs of future charge point installation. 

Also outlined in our response was a recommendation to adopt a graded approach to the cost exemption to acknowledge development size, so that a new scheme of fewer than 20 homes with associated parking might be subject to a lower-cost cap than a scheme of more than 50 homes. This would help to mitigate any viability concerns for small developments, including self-build, whilst ensuring that larger developments were only exempt from installing charge points in the most cost-prohibitive circumstances.