Guidance for lone workers

The HSE (Health and Safety Executive) has revised its Working Alone leaflet to provide advice on the risks of lone working.

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The leaflet provides guidance on how to keep lone workers healthy and safe. It is aimed at anyone who employs or engages lone workers, and at self-employed people who work alone.

The guidance in the leaflet is not compulsory, but it should help employers understand what they need to do to comply with their legal duties towards lone workers under:

Lone workers are those who work by themselves without close or direct supervision and employers have a duty to assess risks and take steps to avoid or control risks where necessary.

More information on lone working along with the Working Alone guide can be found at

Following the disappearance of 25-year-old Suzy Lamplugh who met a man at a property in Fulham in which no trace of her has been found since, a campaign was launched 30 years afterwards to help to tackle the issue.

The trust teamed up with leading agents Knight Frank and Savills as well as the Guild of Letting and Management to promote safety in the property sector wanting all estate agents to sign up to a new code to protect the personal safety of those selling, buying and renting property.

When Suzy went missing, it was in the days before smart phones, the only clue her company had to whereabouts was an entry in the diary.

We know from the work we carry out with companies that things have changed since 1986 but we’ve carried out new research that indicates that 30 years on, safety in the housing sector is still a concern for estate agents and consumers too.

Lara Wilks Sloan Suzy Lamplugh Trust


Research carried out by Suzy Lamplugh Trust shows:

  • A quarter of consumers surveyed said they felt house viewing should be safer
  • Nearly three-quarters feel it should be down to estate agents to make it safer
  • 29% of female estate agents said they have felt unsafe at a house viewing, which equates to one in three working in the role

The charity hopes that Suzy’s Code for Lone Worker and Personal Safety will help.

Estate agents and organisations signing up for the code are asked to email [email protected]

Lone working guide and training

Propertymark has a Lone Worker Safety training course and a comprehensive guide, both aimed at workers who make visits to domestic housing, void properties and business units or are required to work alone at their usual place of work which provides an outline of health and safety management law and covers the principles of good practice, including mobile phone safety, contingency planning and exit strategies.

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17 Apr 2023
Personal safety and lone working

Making personal safety a habitual part of any working practice is essential. Being aware of the risks of lone working and having effective and familiar policies and practices in place can help agents recognise any potential red flags and give them the confidence to respond in an appropriate way that reduces the risk of harm.