Why automating contractor management is the future of repairs and maintenance

Whether it's planned maintenance or an emergency repair, communicating with contractors is one of the most critical parts of property management – and the most time-consuming. Automating communications with contractors can make the process of resolving tenant issues faster and smoother.


From providing the confidence needed to trust a reputable contractor has been found, to the benefits of work-life balance, here’s how automated contractor management can transform a property manager's day. 

Saving time

When a tenant’s kitchen sink isn’t currently flooding their house, wasting time is the last thing anyone wants. Time is the most valuable commodity for everyone, and automation allows the repetitive admin to be skipped and, importantly, cuts out miscommunication.

Automation allows the quick scheduling of repairs and maintenance without the need for back-and-forth emails and phone calls. Automated notifications can be set up to alert contractors of scheduled jobs, where they can confirm their availability with just a few clicks. Automated reminders will helpfully prompt a check on the job’s progress, plus contractors can provide regular updates on their work status without the need for constant communication. 

Automating these processes will free up more time to focus on other important tasks and responsibilities, ultimately improving your productivity and workflow.

Streamlining licensing and insurance checks

One of the most important factors to consider when hiring a contractor is licensing and insurance. It is the responsibility of a letting agent or landlord ’to appoint certified and insured contractors. If the contractors' certifications have lapsed, the property management company could be held liable in case of damage or injury.

Automating the process of checking licensing and insurance can cut a huge amount of the time it takes to find contractors. This can be done using contractor networks, where all contractors in the network adhere to the same standards, or by setting up a system of email automation that can request authenticated documentation with little input.

Simplifying pricing negotiations

Going back and forth with contractors about the price of services can be very time-consuming. Automating works’ budgets can take a significant amount of stress out of booking contractors, especially for planned maintenance works that reoccur regularly.

Simplifying the negotiation process by setting a budget within your repairs and maintenance software will allow contractors to book jobs automatically for prices within that budget. It can also help forward planning and reserve money for unexpected emergency repairs in the future.

Helping de-stress work life

Automating contractor management will be the key to creating a successful workflow, which in turn can allow agents to focus on other areas of their business. The software makes the process easier by helping to evaluate contractors' qualifications, references, and standards with ease, as well as the ability to automate communications about work.

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