Member representation: Consultation responses and position papers

One of the ways we represent our members is by responding to public consultations and by creating papers that outline our policy positions on key topics within the property industry. We do this to ensure that our voices are heardand to facilitate constructive dialogue with key decision makers ithat are shaping the property landscape.

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Our latest feature
A Dickensian legal process.jpg
10 Jun 2024

A Dickensian legal process

Propertymark's monthly Housing Insight Report has identified a significant deterioration in the number of transactions progressing from offer acceptance to exchange of contracts within 12 weeks. In the first of our research spotlight series, this report looks into the reasons why the time taken to exchange contracts is elongating.

Our position papers

Our position papers provide a detailed examination of the key issues impacting property agents, presenting our recommendations to policymakers and stakeholders through thorough research, industry insights, and expert analysis.

The future of home buying and selling, position paper.jpg
08 Apr 2024
The future of home buying and selling

Propertymark’s position paper comes off the back of the renewed efforts to improve the home buying and selling process. In this paper, we have presented the agents’ perspective to ensure that future regulations reflect the evidence our members are seeing on the ground and that future actions respond to the largest challenges affecting the process.

Impact of tax changes on the private rented sector, position paper.jpg
04 Sep 2023
Impact of tax changes on the private rented sector

Using survey data from Propertymark members, and other private and public sector organisations, this position paper highlights the detrimental impact that government decisions since 2015 have had on the tax and financial situation for landlords in the PRS.

Reducing economic crime in the property sector.jpg
14 Jul 2023
Reducing economic crime in the property sector

Purchasing property in the UK is a common method that can be used by serious organised criminals to launder the proceeds of criminal activity. This position paper includes recommendations that the UK Government should include in future legislation as well as other plans and reforms to reduce economic crime.

The Future of Renting front cover
13 Dec 2021
The Future of Renting

The Future of Renting features our recommendations to the UK Government and its plans to reform the private rented sector in England. We want to help shape and influence the UK Government’s Renters’ Reforms White Paper which is due to be released in 2022.

Read through our consultation responses

We respond to a wide range public consultations organised by Government, parliamentary committees other agencies that relate to the property sector. We ensure our members' perspectives on proposed legislation or existing policies affect them.

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17 Feb 2023
Restrict licensing to priority areas only

Recognising the fact that some members in Wales operate for landlords of short-term holiday lets, Propertymark has responded to the Welsh Government’s consultation to establish a statutory licensing scheme for all visitor accommodation in Wales.

Proeprties in Old Portsmouth, Hampshire, England
19 Dec 2022
Call for more landlord support in Welsh tourism hotspots

If the main driver of the proposals from the Welsh Government is to increase housing options for local people, they need to support landlords and increase housing supply where tourism is in high demand, including taxation incentives, boosting local authorities’ levels of Discretionary Housing Payments and improving positive communication with landlords.

Beddgelert in Wales
14 Dec 2022
Opportunity to boost Welsh housing supply and decarbonise stock

The Welsh Government’s proposal to provide discretionary powers for local authorities to apply a visitor levy in Wales should see any revenue raised ringfenced to tackle any housing problems within the local authority area. This could also solve the chronic lack of housing options for vulnerable people and working families.

Proeprties in Old Portsmouth, Hampshire, England
12 Apr 2022
Short-term holiday lets non-domestic rates

Are proposed changes to the thresholds that short-term holiday let businesses must meet to be eligible for non-domestic rates (NDRs) sufficiently clear?

Family getting in the car for their holiday
28 Mar 2022
Proposed introduction of local variation of LTT

As part of its approach to tackling perceived issues arising from second home ownership and short-term holiday lets, the Welsh Government has proposed to introduce local variations to the higher rate of Land Transaction Tax (LTT).

Houses in Cardiff, Wales
21 Feb 2022
Planning legislation and policy for second homes and short-term holiday lets

As part of its 'three-pronged approach' the Welsh Government has consulted on a proposal to make amendments to planning policy and development management in Wales.

Beddgelert in Wales
14 Jan 2022
Local Government and Housing Committee inquiry into second homes

The Welsh Government have embarked on a three-pronged approach to tackle what many are calling a ‘second homes crisis’ in some areas across Wales.