Cease the need to talk to utility providers

Many agents spend a lot of time calling utility providers to update them of tenancy changes and to challenge inaccurate bills for their landlords. Delegating this responsibility to a Utility Management Provider will allow agents the time to focus on their core business.

Why agents update utility providers

Whilst it is not a legal requirement for letting agents to update the utility providers of changes of tenancy, it is often a contractual agreement between the landlord and letting agent. As part of a fully managed service landlords have come to expect the letting agent will inform the relevant suppliers for each change of tenancy. 
This not only improves the quality of service provided to landlords, but it also places responsibility for payment of utility bills with the correct party at the right time, therefore limiting occasions where the landlord is left with debt that is not their responsibility.

What can go wrong?

If utility providers are not informed of the correct change of tenancy details and meter readings, incorrect or estimated bills will be produced. Calls to utility providers can often be challenging due to the complex nature of erroneous bills, coupled with lengthy wait times. In the most serious of cases, bills can be sent to the incorrect address, sometimes empty properties, resulting in debt collection proceedings.

Tenant Shop can help

Tenant Shop‘s services will provide letting agents with:

  • Utility Management Notifications for Council Tax, Gas, Electricity & Water as standard
  • Genuine Billing Support
  • Industry Leading Account Management
  • Dynamic Referencing
  • Additional Revenue Streams

If an incorrect bill is received during the change of tenancy process, agents can log the billing query via a dedicated portal and Tenant Shop’s billing team will pick this up and liaise with the supplier to take it through to resolution. Thus, saving agents time whilst providing peace of mind to landlords that no unnecessary costs will be encountered.  

Call the Tenant Shop Client Engagement team on 020 3823 9353 to find out more and the benefits.