Embrace efficiency by automating planned preventative maintenance

With a lot of talk about chat-GPT and concerns about process automation, property managers might feel defensive about changes to their jobs and the potential impact of advancing technologies. However, Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) is a prime example of work that should be automated, as it often involves repetitive tasks that consume valuable time.


Sending emails to tenants and contractors can become repetitive. Especially when the tasks are recurring. Reviewing and approving files like Gas Safety Certificates and Legionnaire's Risk Assessments also adds a lot of work to an already-busy day. Automation can help property managers eliminate repetitive administration and free up time to take on new challenges, build relationships, and contribute to the growing success of the agency.  

Easy automating solution

There are different ways to streamline PPM. The most hands-on would be manually setting up automated email reminders to give tenants and contractors advance notice of upcoming maintenance events. 

A more advanced level of automation using specialist software can offer a more comprehensive solution. Software like Fixflo can handle reminders, notifications, quotes, filing, and more, reducing the weekly time dedicated to PPM to almost zero. 

It can be as simple as uploading PPM data into a single system capable of contacting contractors who then set appointments with tenants to ensure the work is completed on time and according to specifications. It's a set-and-forget system that also tracks every event and payment. 

Exploring the options allows property managers to find a solution based on the size of their business and client base.

Transforming processes

Automation provides an opportunity to leverage technology to improve efficiency. Property managers can allocate more time to meaningful interactions by delegating repetitive and time-consuming tasks to automation. Building relationships with clients, tenants, and contractors is the cornerstone of success; automation can help achieve that goal. 

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