Talking to your clients has never been so important

Communication with your clients is key during these uncertain times, whether that be delivering flowers, boosting the morale in your community or even just keeping in touch and asking them on a personal level how things are for them.

Agents that are looking beyond the lockdown are undertaking a range of activities to ensure that their own career and the business that they run or work for, comes out in the strongest position. For many, this is about ensuring that they are staying in contact with their clients, vendors, buyers, landlords and tenants, whist for others it may be about playing a voluntary role in their community and supporting other local businesses.

Agents that are conducting virtual viewings are reporting good feedback from vendors who are enjoying the novelty of showing their property with their phone, listings are going ahead with agents pointing out that they have not broken any guidance - instead utilising the temporary measure of vendor's own photos.

Bear in mind contracts such as sole agency agreements which might expire during the lockdown period. Competitors will be looking to capitalise on the opportunity, therefore, contact with your clients will support any steps you take to get consent to extend agreements during this period.

By communicating to your vendors and buyers it shows a level of empathy. Everybody is feeling the knock-on effect of this pandemic so if you feel like you’re not communicating enough, you probably aren’t.

It’s important to have the right message and ensure you’re communicating at the right time, here are some helpful key points that have been provided by our experts on our recent webinars:

  • Keep active on social media to show others that you’re around, even if that’s to reminisce on big achievements your company accomplished before the pandemic and how you’re looking forward to re-opening and facing the new normal.
  • Reassure your potential clients that they will find their dream home after COVID-19 with you.
  • Take client care to a human level to show that you’re not a robotic business with £’s in mind and in fact you’re compassionate and approachable.
  • Keep your vendors updated on the work being done to reassure them you’re wanting to continue to provide a great service and will sell their home as soon as you possibly can.
  • Find out more about your buyers and check how they are during this difficult time as many people are faced with impacts on their financial position.
  • Introduce your vendors to our new Sales Protocol Toolkit, outlining the benefits of using the Property Information Questionnaire and how it will make their house market ready for when the pandemic is over, pointing out it will speed up the sale too.